Maria's   Waterfront


I too lived in Perth
Amboy. Our parents still live there. I was one of the victims of the
waterfront fire on Water Street on New Years Eve, 1989/90. I graduated in
1978 and had Mr. & Mrs. Massopust both for teachers and loved them both. I
still see Mrs. Mass.

I am an artist who lost all her work in that stupid fire that I believe was
not an accident. I attached a few scans of the only artwork I have left
prior to the fire because it was in an art show there at the time of the
fire. You are welcome to post them on your site. Some of the buildings don't
exist anymore.

I was in 2 sororities also. When I
tell people I was in sororities in high school they can't believe it.  Was
Amboy the only high school in the country that had sororities and

Maria Cicchino

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